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The Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog KVK is a meta search interface which allows you to access library and book trade catalogs online via Internet. KVK starts a simultaneous search in the catalogs and gives you a standardized hit list. As the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog does not have a own database it depends on the availability of the target systems.

If you click through from the hit list you are linked to the target system and leave the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog. Since 2004, the KVK catalogue has moved to Unicode UTF-8 display which supports better character display.

For more informations look at the German page "KVK Help & Informations" or the KVK articles of Uwe Dierolf und Dr. Michael Mönnich. For News about KVK go to the News section of KIT Library "KVK & überregionale Dienste".



  • Use "?" for truncation
  • Default is AND
  • Authorsearch: "mueller, hans" or "mueller,?"
  • Do not use stop words like "der die the and ..."
  • The search for publication year, publisher and keyword is not always possible
  • This KVK version uses Javascript and Cookies.
  • For more hints look at the German page "KVK Help & Informations"


Please regard

  • The Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue has no influence on the content of catalogues listed above. Please direct any questions regarding data within the catalogs to the respective institution.
  • For bibliographic questions please contact: infodeska tbibliothek.kit.edu
  • For technical questions please contact KVK administration: Uwe Dierolf, kvkadmina tbibliothek.kit.edu

Last updated: 17.02.2015

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