Titel Autor Jahr
Optimal Constrained Investment and Reinsurance in Lundberg insurance... Edalati Nozadi, Alireza 2014
Optimale Betriebsführung des Modularen Multilevel-Umrichters als... Kolb, Johannes 2014
Optimal Sequence-Based Control of Networked Linear Systems Fischer, Jörg 2014
Optimierung der Energieeffizienz zweibeiniger Roboter durch... Bauer, Fabian 2014
Optimisation of hysteretic losses in high-temperature... Krüger, Philipp 2014
Optimisation of LHCb Applications for Multi- and Manycore Job... Rauschmayr, Nathalie 2014
Optimisation of the reaction parameters in a batch reactor and a... Forchheim, Daniel 2014
Optimization of Protein Production Development Using a Combination... Richter, Carolin 2014
Optimizing Deflectometric Measurements for Visibility. Technical... Roschani, Masoud 2014
Optimizing Dual-Doppler Lidar Measurements of Surface Layer Coherent... Stawiarski, Christina 2014
Optimizing Dual-Doppler Lidar Measurements of Surface Layer Coherent... Stawiarski, Christina 2014
Organic semiconductor distributed feedback laser pixels for... Liu, Xin Prinz, Stephan ... 2014
Overload Capability of the Modular Multilevel Matrix Converter for... Kammerer, Felix Gommeringer,... 2014
Overview over current Radio-based, Device-Free Context Recognition... Alexandru, Albu 2014
Parallelen und Unterschiede vergangener kritischer... Kremer, Maximilian 2014
Parallele und kooperative Simulation für eingebettete... Roth, Christoph 2014
Parallel Multiway LCP-Mergesort Eberle, Andreas 2014
Parametric study for net zero energy building strategies in Brazil... Didoné, Evelise Leite 2014
Pareto optimization or cascaded weighted sum: A comparison of... Jakob, W. Blume, C. 2014
Partielle Nitritation / Anammox bei niedrigen Temperaturen Gilbert, Eva Marianne 2014
Parton distribution functions at LO, NLO and NNLO with correlated... Belov, P. Britzger, D. ... 2014
Parton Shower Corrections to Vector-Boson Fusion Processes at the... Schissler, Franziska 2014
Parton-shower effects on Higgs boson production via vector-boson... Jäger, B. Schissler, F. ... 2014
Patient-centered Coordination in Healthcare Service Networks -... Görlitz, Roland A. 2014
Pax6 regulates the formation of the habenular nuclei by controlling... Chatterjee, M. Guo, Q. ... 2014
Paying For a Higher Workload? The Relation Between Customer's... Bilstein, Nicola Hogreve,... 2014
Performance of new GNSS satellite clocks Gonzalez Martinez, Francisco... 2014
Periplasmatische Elektronentransfer-Reaktionen in Shewanella... Sturm, Gunnar 2014
Personalised body counter calibration using anthropometric... Pölz, Stefan 2014
Pflege von Menschen mit Demenz - Bedarfsorientierte... Weinberger, Nora Decker,... 2014
Phase-field modeling of the influence of mechanical stresses on... Huttin, Magalie 2014
Photocatalytic nucleophilic additions to styrene derivatives Penner, Alexander 2014
Photochemisch initiierte Polymerisation in Miniemulsionen Delbé, Michèle 2014
Physically based Impedance Modelling of Lithium-Ion Cells Illig, Jörg 2014
Physiologische Reaktionen auf Hochintensives Intervalltraining bei... Engel, Florian 2014
Plädoyer gegen eine Inflation von Bereichsethiken. Das Beispiel der... Grunwald, Armin 2014
Planstadt 2015+. Experiment Räumliches Leitbild Karlsruhe Eidner Franziska Merker,... 2014
Plutonium oxidation states speciation in perchloric acid by... Pidchenko, I. Fellhauer, D. ... 2014
Polyol-mediated Synthesis of Chalcogenide Nanoparticles for... Dong, Hailong 2014
Position Resolution and Upgrade of the CMS Pixel Detector and Search... Burgmeier, Armin 2014
Positive Solutions for the Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation:... Verbitsky, Anton 2014
Possible natural fluid pathways from gravity pseudo-tomography in... Baillieux, P. Schill, E. ... 2014
Potentials for Electric Vehicles in France, Germany, and... Dudenhöffer, Kathrin Arora,... 2014
Power System Analysis Bleier, Johannes 2014
Precipitation statistics from regional climate model at resolutions... Fosser, Giorgia 2014
Predictive Analysis on Time Series Bechberger, Lucas 2014
Predictive Current Control of Saturated Cross-Coupled Permanent... Richter, Jan Gemaßmer, Tobias ... 2014
Predictive Modeling of Partitioned Systems: Implementation and... Latten, Christine 2014
Predictive Pre-Caching von Daten aus Cloud-Diensten zur Verwendung... Michel, Christoph 2014
Preface Wenzel, Friedemann Bohlen,... 2014