Titel Autor Jahr
On the evaluation of control performance in drag reducing... Hasegawa, Y. Frohnapfel, B. ... 2011
On the mechanism of inter-kingdom signalling - synthesis of isotope... Jakubczyk, D. Bräse, S.... 2011
On the role of general purpose technologies within the... Menz, Nina Ott, Ingrid 2011
On the superlinear convergence in computational... Sauter, Martin Wieners,... 2011
On what there is oder "B" wie "Bildung" und "Bologna" Dürr, Renate 2011
On wind speed reductions within and wake lengths behind wind parks.... Emeis, S. 2011
Open Access - wo stehen wir heute? Scholze, Frank 2011
OpenLB Progress Report: Towards Automated Preprocessing for Lattice... Krause, Mathias J. 2011
OpenMP performance on virtual machines Tao, J. 2011
Opportunities and barriers for low-input intensification of... Meyer, Rolf Burger,... 2011
Optical antennas : linear and nonlinear excitation and... Wissert, Matthias... 2011
Optimal dividend-payout in random discrete time Albrecher, H. Bäuerle, N. ... 2011
Optimal estimation of tropospheric H₂O and δD with... Schneider, M. Hase, F. 2011
Optimal Gaussian Filtering for Polynomial Systems Applied to... Baum, Marcus Noack, Benjamin ... 2011
Optimization and characterization of microbial rhamnolipid... Müller, Markus Michael 2011
Optimization and limitations of known DEMO divertor concepts Reiser, J. Rieth, M. 2011
Optimization of Power Consumption in the Iterative Solution of... Anzt, Hartwig Castillo,... 2011
Organic Service-Level Management in Service-Oriented... Liu, Lei 2011
Organic solid state lasers for sensing applications Woggon, Thomas 2011
Organic traffic control Prothmann, Holger 2011
Orthogeodesic Point-Set Embedding of Trees Giacomo, Emilio di Frati,... 2011
Pädagogische Anthropologie – Zwischen Freiheit und... Dominok, Eliane Königs,... 2011
Palladio Days 2011. Proceedings, 17-18 November 2011, FZI... Becker, Steffen Happe, Jens ... 2011
Palm theory, mass transports and ergodic theory for group-stationary... Gentner, Daniel... 2011
Palm Theory, Mass Transports and Ergodic Theory for Group-Stationary... Gentner, Daniel... 2011
Panta Rhei. Das Verformungsverhalten frischer Zementsuspensionen als... Haist, Michael 2011
PAPC and the Wnt5a/Ror2 pathway control the invagination of the otic... Jung, Barbara Köhler, Almut ... 2011
Parallel Criticality Calculations with Parafish Subramanian, Chandramowli ... 2011
Parallel Smoothers for Matrix-based Multigrid Methods on... Heuveline, Vincent Lukarski,... 2011
Parallel SQL Query Auto-Tuning on Multicore Pankratius, Victor Heneka,... 2011
Parameter estimation and optimal experimental design for the... Nestler, Andrea Thäter,... 2011
Parameterisation of offshore turbulence Foreman, R. Emeis, S. 2011
Parameterstudie zur Simulation von Niedertemperatur-Kreisprozessen... Vetter, Christian 2011
Paraproducts via H°°-functional calculus and a T(1)-Theorem for... Frey, Dorothee 2011
Parliamentary Technology Assessment as Part of Technology... Grunwald, Armin 2011
Part-based Clothing Segmentation for Person Retrieval Weber, M. Bäuml, M. ... 2011
Particle Deposition in the Lungs Gengenbach, Thomas 2011
Patentschutz für Software und softwarebezogene Lehren im... Alam, Nadia 2011
Peer Energy Cloud - Teilvorhaben am KIT Bonn, M. Kunze, M. 2011
Personalizing Simulations of the Human Atria : Intracardiac... Weber, Frank Michael 2011
Perturbation Dynamics and Impact of Different Perturbation Methods... Lang, Simon 2011
PFG-NMR on Double Emulsions: A Detailed Look into Molecular... Bernewitz, R. Guan, X. ... 2011
Phenotypic properties of S. maltophilia isolates in relation to... Adamek, M. Schwartz, T.... 2011
Philosophus autodidactus oder Der Reiz des Selberdenkens Funke, Sabine 2011
Photocatalytic activity of TiO₂ anatase (101) and rutile (110)... Xu, M. Gao, Y. Martinez... 2011
Pic your City Merker, J. 2011
Plasmons in nanostructures with applications to metamaterial... Bernadotte, Stephan 2011
Plastic lab-on-a-chip for fluorescence excitation with integrated... Vannahme, C. Klinkhammer, S. ... 2011
Polyol-vermittelte Synthese von Nanomaterialien für die heterogene... Schmitt, Peter 2011
Portable Waveform Development for Software Defined Radios Nagel, Stefan Werner 2011