Titel Autor Jahr
The many faces of planarity : matching, augmentation, and embedding... Rutter, Ignaz 2011
Themenpark. Weitere Inhalte, Medien und Technologien beim... Grießmann, B Lehle, M ... 2011
The Methodology of Geometric Order in the Design of Traditional... Gaber, Ahmed Ali Ahmed 2011
The moral controversy about Climate Engineering - an argument map. ... Betz, Gregor Cacean,... 2011
The OpenProcessor Platform. Fostering Research on the... Neider, Raphael 2011
The Palladio Component Model Reussner, Ralf Becker,... 2011
The physics of wind park optimization Emeis, S. 2011
The phytoalexin resveratrol regulates the initiation of... Chang, X. Heene, E. Qiao, F. ... 2011
The plastic zone as a 90⁰ direction change of the... Mattheck, C. Tesari, I. 2011
The Plenhaptic Guidance Function for Intuitive Navigation in... Perez Arias, Antonia ... 2011
The public loss game - an experimental study of public bads Schosser, Stephan Vogt,... 2011
Thermal and Electric Properties of the Delafossites: The Apparent... Kremer, Stefan 2011
Thermische Ausdehnung, Magnetostriktion und Thermokraft von CeCoIn5... Zaum, Sebastian 2011
Thermische Charakterisierung von keramischen Schwammstrukturen für... Dietrich, Benjamin 2011
Thermodynamical modeling of slag systems for the combustion... Chizhko, Oleg G. 2011
Thermohydraulische Auslegung des Zwischenüberhitzers eines High... Herbell, Heiko 2011
The role of the alternative sigma factor PP4553 in the stress... Bugert, B. Overhage, J. 2011
The sensor kinase PA4398 regulates swarming motility and biofilm... Strehmel, J. Overhage,... 2011
The Society of the Query and the Googlisation of Our Lives. A... Lovink, Geert 2011
Thinking About How to Think About Cybersecurity Harknett, Richard J. 2011
Three Steps towards a Culture of Sustainability Parodi, Oliver 2011
Threshold Corrections in Grand Unified Theories Martens, Waldemar 2011
Throughput Analysis of Manual Order Picking Systems with Congestion... Huber, Christian 2011
Time Series Analysis and Market Microstructure Aspects on Short Time... Beck, Alexander 2011
Topological Order in Spin Liquids with Chirality Scharfenberger, Burkhard 2011
Towards a hybrid numerical method using Generalized Polynomial Chaos... Heuveline, Vincent Schick,... 2011
Towards a multi-purpose modelling, simulation and optimization tool... Hahn, Tobias 2011
Towards High-Performance Cloud Computing for x86/InfiniBand... Hillenbrand, Marius Mauch,... 2011
Tradable Development Certificates in Germany - A Theoretical and... Müller, Jens E. 2011
Trading in European Equity Markets: Fragmentation and Market... Wagener, Martin 2011
Transient behaviour of ITER poloidal field coils Winkler, Alexander 2011
Transkriptomanalyse Schizophrenie-relevanter Hirnregionen... Kaiser, Philipp 2011
Trapping of Radionuclides/Actinides in the Canister Corrosion... Loida, Andreas Metz, Volker ... 2011
Treatment of highly viscous lubricants by high gradient magnetic... Menzel, K. Lindner, J. ... 2011
Treibhausgasemissionen aus der Landwirtschaft Kiese, R. Haas, E.... 2011
Trends of HCl, ClONO2, and HF column abundances from ground-based... Kohlhepp, R. Barthlott, S. ... 2011
Tribologische Charakterisierung von Sialon- und Sialon-SiCKeramiken... Schneider, J. Riva, M. ... 2011
Trusted Computing für adaptive Automobilsteuergeräte im Umfeld der... Glas, Benjamin 2011
Tungsten for structural divertor parts Reiser, J. Rieth, M.... 2011
Tungsten - Properties, possible and impossible applications Rieth, M. 2011
Two years air quality study by DOAS within Beijing Schäfer, K. Wang, Y. Xin, J.... 2011
Über das Lehrer‐Schüler‐Verhältnis Novoa Nino, Diana Carolina ... 2011
Über das Selbstverständnis der Pädagogik als Wissenschaft Wüst, Andrea 2011
Über die Verantwortbarkeit wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnis: das... Gleitsmann, Rolf-Jürgen 2011
Über keramische Schwämme als Kolonneneinbauten : Grundlegende... Große, Julia 2011
Überlieferung von Medienkunst und digitale... Muñoz Morcillo, Jesús 2011
UHV - FTIRS and STM - investigations of oxide surfaces and oxide... Kesting, M. Wöll, C. 2011
UHV - FTIR - study of benzoic and terephthalic acids adsorption on... Kesting, M. Gao, Y. Xu, M.... 2011
Ultrafast nonlinear silicon waveguides and quantum dot semiconductor... Vallaitis, Thomas 2011
Ultrakurzzeitdynamik ausgewählter Germaniumcluster, mehrkerniger... Klinger, Melanie 2011